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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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It also helped that he answered my "naughty" question at the "women of star trek voyager convention" (he replaced Scarlett Pomer) with complete aplomb.
What was it?

The crowd (and I) had split for the vendors rooms and bath rooms soon after he came on.

Unlike the rest of the audience, I came back to a nearly empty auditorium and just a few people asking questions. The guy WAS answering them, they just weren't giving him anything "to work with".

I felt sorry... and the three women I was with weren't there to "hear me", so anonymity emboldened me to get up and ask...

"So, what was it like to basically play a vibrator in 'Fairhaven'?"

The part I loved, was that he answered the question seriously, and with careful thought. It wasn't like a few people I'd seen at the 1 previous con I'd been to, who couldn't even remember the episode people were asking about.

I know.

I know.

Your opinion of me has just SUNK to a new low.

What can I say, it was almost 10 years ago... and I was much more boistrious than I am now.

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