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Re: THE CAPE 1x5 "Dice" Jan 31st *Spoilers!*

Ah...the typical "Hero must save the villain from another villain" plot. Oh, well it was nicely done and Mena Suvari made a good villain..though she was kinda crazy. And it looks like fate or a higher power may have played a role in Vince becoming the Cape.

in the earlier episodes I thought that Chess's weird eyes were just contacts he put in as Chess but in this episode one second he had normal eyes and then they cut away from his face for a moment or two and then he had the weird eyes. I don't think Flemming is wearing contacts at all now. His eyes change on their own. Freaky.

Orwell is definitely Flemming's daughter. Her reaction when Vince wished he had killed him really cinched it for me. She was quite pissed at the suggestion.
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