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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

I'd like to present to everyone... my (almost finished) Voyager-themed goalie mask! It's being painted by Head Strong Grafx (

When I get a goalie mask painted, I always choose a theme that I'm passionate about and I think has a bit of me in it. For this mask I decided to go with a Voyager theme, as it's my all-time favorite TV show.

On the left side of the mask (left when you're looking at it) we have Voyager coming out of a nebular cloud, akin to Voyager's intro. It's also alluding to the Badlands' nebula.

Directly underneath of that is The Caretaker.

On the right side of the mask I have Voyager is in a more transparent transwarp/warp. Below that is the Borg Sphere.

So I have a bit of the beginning and end of Voyager on each side of the mask.

On the chin is my last name in the Voyager font.

The backplate features Voyager going through a solar storm (like the intro), and on the right it has the United Federation of Planets emblem with the Omega symbol in the middle, an obvious reference to the Omega molecule. It's in some ways representative of my personality. Along the bottom is "synesthete," which obviously is my screen name at some boards and at Play Station Network. If you aren't familiar with synesthesia, it's a "melding of the senses." To put it simply, I can see sounds/music, numbers are personified, and time isn't linear to me. Weird stuff, I know, haha!

Anyway, I hope all of you enjoy my mask, and I'm looking forward to being a member here and talking more about my favorite Trek series!
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