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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

Met Shatner and had picture with in 2003. Didn't have an issue with him. I told him thank you and he shook my hand. Then met Stewart in Vegas last year. Had picture with him as well. Was very nice. Said hello to each person I was near. One thing I found interesting was that he stood the same way whoever it was next to him. Haven't had any bad meetings except one and I've met everyone from all series except De Kelly, Linda Park and R Dawson.

The one bad meeting was Dominic Keeting. Was four years ago in Vegas. He was drunk. And then complained about having to sign autographs loudly to the people he was signing for. In stark constrast Terry Ferrell was signing at the same table and due to the length of the line she got up and walked the line. Found him to be completely lacking in class.
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