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Re: Best Audio Book?

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So, tell me some more about the Gallifrey 3 Season mini-series, what does that mean

(Runtime per "episode" and # of "episodes"
is the Doctor included, which one,
overall title of Mini-series and specific "episode" titles, maybe?) ... That link might be of interest. Each episode is one cd, and it's about an hour long, I believe. The stars are Romana II (now President Romana, having returned from e-Space), Leela (who remained behind on Gallifrey) and their two K9 units. I don't believe any of the Doctors made appearances, though Maxil does, which is kind of cool.

Spare Parts sounds fascinating as does David Warner performing an Alt-Universe story/series (Loved his performance in B5)
Ah, then I'd certainly suggest picking up both of David Warner's "unbound" cds. Not only will you find that B5 guest, but Sarah Douglas (aka Death Walker) ... and I think it's the second of those that has David Tennant doing the voice of a soldier. He did a lot of voiceover work before being cast as the Doctor.

The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind ... I *think* that's the name of the other cd I wanted to mention. Kate O'Mara has only done one bit of audio work as the Rani, and it follows her adventure after Time and the Rani, sort of leading into Dimensions in Time.
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