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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

In the year 2381, the BORG invaded the Alpha and Beta Quadrants with a Collective campaign not of assimilation but total annihilation. The Federation and its allies mounted a desperate and ultimately doomed attempt to stem the BORG tide. If not for the intervention of an unknown species called the Caeliar, the BORG would have completely destroyed every inhabited world in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. As a result of the invasion, over 63 billion lives were lost and dozens of worlds were decimated or left in ruins. Starfleet, who bore the brunt of invasion, was severely weakened having lost 40 % of ships and personnel.

Now 6 years later, much has been done and the reconstruction effort continues but the Alpha and Beta Quadrants had been changed forever. Desperation and piracy have run rampant. Alliances have been strained and new ones have been forged.

The Raeyan Sector has become a key source for the materials and resources needed for the rebuilding efforts of the quadrants. Makkus IV, home to approximately 150 million beings, has become a waypoint for freighters, cargo vessels and other crafts from nearly all corners of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Makkus IV has become a place where entrepreneurs and profiteers come seeking to profit from resource rich Makkus system.

The Federation and Starfleet are tasked with the security of this vital system. Echelon Station does its part to keep the peace and protect Federation interests in the Makkus system.

That is the setting of the Echelon Station RPG. If you are up for a different take Star Trek Role Playing, then Echelon Station is for you. We emphasize on role playing in the Star Trek Universe through creative writing, character development and imaginative storylines. So, stop by and join the crew of Echelon Station. Positions are available in all departments. Join in on the adventures of Echelon Station. We would love to have you aboard.
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