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Re: Comic Caption Contest Returns!! "Me, Myself and Alternate I"

In honor of the thread title (and having more time to think about them), here's an alternate batch:

UHURA: Go on, lie down already.
BLAISE: No, I'd rather not get grass in my cleavage.
UHURA: Well, you're the one who forgot to bring beach towels!

SPOCK: Ahh, yes, this is clearly an original Tom Sutton abstract. I recognize his brushstrokes.
MIRROR SPOCK: Illogical. You are a science officer, yet you are also an expert in art, music, the history of the American West, and the Fabrini language? Where did you get the time or inclination to study these things?
FRED FREIBERGER (offscreen): Shut up and read the script, beardy!

CAPTION: The landing party hunches over uncomfortably, unable to stand up straight due to the oppressive, self-referential text caption looming overhead!
McCOY: Jim, we have to get out of here! I'm a surgeon, not a chiropractor!
KIRK: This way! I see a taller panel on the next page!
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