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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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PS - if you're an online gamer, you may have played with him at one point or another. He's an avid gamer, named his daughter Zelda, and regularly plays Battlefield 2, among others.
Oh that's fun. I think it's neat knowing that celebs can be normal too and enjoy geeky things, like Vin Diesel. And ISTR reading something about Mila Kunis being an online gamer and being careful to keep her identity hidden.

Red Ranger wrote: View Post
Still, it would've been interesting to see his take on the Riddler or even Catwoman. Oh, well!
Well, we may still see his take on Catwoman. Admiral_Young said Nolan's keeping mum on Hathway as Catwoman, but didn't rule it out either.
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