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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Fuck this crap. I guess I'll not be enjoying it as much. I was rooting for Brandon Routh ever since Supes Returns. He certainly got the short end.

Same here- I LOVED Brandon Routh as Superman/Clark, and thought that he managed to act amazingly as both people-kind when he needed to be, and hard WHEN he has to be-not like the way most guys are in movies today. But everybody called him 'gay' due to the way he was in the movie and also due to the design of the costume-misplaced homophobia strikes again.

MY fear is that we will be getting a 'Wolverine' Superman, or an 'Arnold' Superman that is overly macho and tough, with a mindless plot consisting of Superman fighting a giant alien bug, just like Kevin Smith wanted.

Captaindemotion wrote: View Post
Shame Linday Lohan's life and career are in such disarray. I actually think with a hair-dye job, she might have been capable of giving a decent enough performance as Lois. Plus she's even got a comic character type name.
Lindsay Lohan is a complete frack-up, and needs to get an education, as well as a lot of other things, first before she acts again.

My choices for Lois Lane

*Mia Kirchner

*Ashley Tisdale

*Lacey Chabert

*Scarlett Johansson

*Jewel Staite

*Summer Glau

*Eliza Dushku

*Sarah Michelle Gellar (if she wasn't so old)

*Kristen Stewart (will give her a chance to make up for being Bella Swan)

*Thora Birch ('cause she needs the fame just as much as Scarlett got!)

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