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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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Anyone unfamiliar with the character of Hugo Strange should check out the "Batman:The Animated Series" episode "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne". It's rather silly and Hugo is a bit of a fool in it, but it's also entertaining and shows what a fun villain Hugo can be to have around.
And it's based on a storyline from Steve Englehart's short but game-changing run on the Batman comics of the '70s, which also included "The Laughing Fish" and introduced the character of Rupert Thorne. (And had other influences that weren't felt in B:TAS, like introducing Silver St. Cloud and reinventing Deadshot into his modern form.)

And while you're at it, check out "Bane" from the same series. A legitimately excellent episode and for the moment the best depiction of the character that's been done outside of the comics...of course that may change after the release of Nolan's sequel (hopefully?).
I'd argue that last week's Young Justice episode included a portrayal of Bane that was at least as good, emphasizing his cunning and intelligence in a way that the B:TAS episode didn't really manage.
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