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Re: Comic Caption Contest Returns!! "Me, Myself and Alternate I"

PIRATE RIKER: So he tried to steal your girl, and then he joined the Maquis? Gee, no wonder you're upset having me here.
...But hey, was he rocking an eyepatch like this? Huh? Huh?

UHURA: RJ, why are you posing so uncomfortably?
BLAISE: Because my suit is half-topless and that guy over there keeps drawing us!
UHURA: That's what you get for replicating fashions from a 200-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

SPOCK: Yes, I am aware that I look like Zachary Quinto.
MIRROR SPOCK: Rest assured, this diagram contains a complete explanation of the highly complicated temporal physics underlying that fact.
AUDIENCE MEMBER: Gee, and I thought that Bennett guy's DTI novel was confusing enough!

CAPTION: Suddenly, the redshirts behind Kirk are vaporized in a burst of Kirby Krackle!
KIRK: Look out! It's Darkseid!
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