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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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EDIT: looks appropriate here -- most photos fo him, he looks to skinny. Cheeks almost sunken or something, you know?
I remember when Chris Reeve was cast as Superman, some of the first photos circulated of him made him look like the 99-lb weakling in the Charles Atlas comic book ads, but he bulked up. And Michael Keaton wasn't exactly an Arnold either.

I continue to be amazed at some of the downright hostile posts I'm seeing (not necessarily here but on some of the entertainment blogs that allow anonymous posting). I saw Cavill called a terrorist on one - I'm not making that up - and a porn star on another (because people show their boobs in the Tudors). But of course it's all about the fact the guy is British.

Have none of these people ever actually read Superman? The guy was an all-American hero, yes, but he was an immigrant who America adopted, when it came right down to it. And even if all people know of Superman is from the movies, did any of them actually listen during the Krypton scenes of the first Superman film? Everyone was British, for heaven's sake - even Brando put on an accent. Susannah York played his mom! Zod was Terrance Stamp. Sarah Douglas was Ursa. When they made Supergirl all the Argo City people were Brits. By rights Christopher Reeve, Helen Slater and Brandon Routh could have played their characters with British accents and it would have been totally correct.

Now whether Cavill can handle the role, that remains to be seen (though I have two words to give the naysayers who plan to spend the next couple years railing against him sight unseen: Daniel Craig). But going after him because he wasn't born in Kansas is just dumb, I'm sorry.

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Tom Welling is a decent Clark Kent. My problem is that I just can't buy him as Superman. He's spent SOOOO long portraying one aspect of the character that I can't see him as a convincing Superman.
I agree. The guy's about 5 years older than Chris Reeve was when he played Superman, and he's still technically playing Superboy. The Smallville continuity should be left on its own; if I'm going to see a Superman movie, I'd like it to be closer to the original concept.

As for who should play Lois Lane, it's a shame Winona Ryder is a bit too old to play the part (yikes!, I just found out she turns 40 this year. I remember seeing her in films like Beetlejuice when she (and I) was still a teenager). When she was drawn as Lois Lane in DC's recent Superman: Secret Origin mini-series I thought she was perfect. If I had to pick someone for the part today, I'd choose Emily Deschenal from Bones.

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