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Re: The Stephen King Megathread

My wife and I own a copy of every piece of fiction that he's ever written, including comics, and we've read about 75% of it so far. My faves:

1. Different Seasons---I've actually re-read this one a couple of times

2. Eyes of the Dragon---very solid sword n' sorcery stuff

3. Salem's Lot---the prototypical "eclectic group of characters team up to fight the bad guy" story

4. Storm of the Century---I watched the mini on TV before reading the screenplay---very interesting premise

5. Cell---I would love to see this one made into a gazillion dollar blockbuster---the visuals are so intense

6. Lisey's Story---gut-wrenching and disturbing---man, do you root for that heroine!

7. Dark Tower---haven't finished the saga yet, but I'm really getting into it

The only things of ol' Uncle Stevie's that I did not enjoy were a few of his early short stories---too many Lady or the Tiger endings, and Dreamcatcher, which was a fantastic idea for a 600-page book, but it was, unfortunately, a 900-page book.

King-based movies and TV minis have been all over the map, but I would say that my faves (be they faithful to their sources or not) were Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, and Kubrick's The Shining. Carrie, Cujo, and Christine are enjoyable, in a B-moive kind of way.

He has said in his articles and in interviews that he's a liberal Democrat, but I don't recall any of his books that give that fact away. Perhaps I am obtuse.

BTW, I used to love King's articles in Entertainment Weekly. He still do those?
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