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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Looks good to me. Pleased that he's a "fanboy" choice. Rare such happens. Lots of people had been suggesting him.

My one true hope is that he goes bulky for the role. It's something I think Superman needs. Routh didn't have it enough, IMO. Dean Cain was decent, Tom Welling is decent now days, Reeve was decent.

It's too bad John Hamm is too old, even by his own admission. I hope they cast him as Jor'El though. That would just be smart. Damn smart.

If only Hamm had some fame 15 years ago, maybe we would have had a late 1990s Supes with him. Ah well.

EDIT: looks appropriate here -- most photos fo him, he looks to skinny. Cheeks almost sunken or something, you know?
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