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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I really don't need another Luthor or Zod movie. If we do want to start fresh, why do we need to go back to the same old, same old. Superman has been around since 1939 and has amassed a huge rogues gallery. It's not even like we have to go into the lame ones. The five Superman movies we've had so far have used a total of two unique villains. We even have an amazing villain in the form of Brainiac. While, I could see Luthor in the capacity of a rich industrialist in Metropolis, I would like to see more variety.

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Anne Hathaway may be up for Lois? Well, that's probably more or less out the window now that she's playing Selina Kyle.
Maybe she can be the Ryan Reynolds of DC and play three characters.
I could get into that. I mean, I don't like her enough to where she's just my go to casting person, but I think she's perfect for Lois Lane. Now that she's mentioned here, I like her more in this part that I do as Catwoman.
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