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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Anne Hathaway may be up for Lois? Well, that's probably more or less out the window now that she's playing Selina Kyle. As much as I look forward to her being Catwoman, I think I would like to see her more as Lois.

And I did like Brandon Routh, I thought he played the part very well considering the script did not exactly provide for the world's greatest acting and I think he could have done well with another go. But that was almost half a decade ago, by the time this movie is done it will be six years going on seven. I don't think Routh did good enough to warrant WB going back all the time to use the same actor when they are clearly trying to reboot the series.

It would be like trying to reboot Daredevil and saying that Ben Aflack didn't get a sequel so they should just use him. There's no creative reason for that and it just goes to confuse people. No, this is a good decision.
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