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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I dont think Routh even had a chance. They're trying to separate themeselves from any of the previous incarnations as much as possible, so why would they get Routh again? For all intent and purposes this is a reboot of the franchise. So what if Cavill just totally blows Routh, Cain, & Reeves out of the water? Will you still not enjoy it as much then?
I highly doubt Cavill could blow everyone out of the water. Routh was fantastic and not giving him another chance is a huge mistake in my eyes. But I guess I'll eat crow like I did with Casino Royale if Cavill does end up being the best Supes ever.

Space Therapist wrote: View Post
I do agree that Routh was gypped but certainly you're not going to close your mind to this movie just because your actor of choice wasn't selected?
Not closing my mind, just not excited about it.
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