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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

--As we left off in Act 3, the Exeter plunges through the Tholian Gravity Wave™ and enters the other universe that Harris discovered in Act 2, and which is being accessed by the the Tholian Big F***ing Device« (BFD).
--The effects on B'fuselek are immediate. He goes nuts and sends the ship careening into a collision course with the device. Cool fish-eye B'fuselek POV shots a la Chekov in The Tholian Web.
--Cutty takes the helm, but since the sensors are f'ed up, the best he can do is steer them clear of colliding with the BFD. But the ship is damaged and can't escape.
--Tho'Kess and the other Tholians start building a Tholian Web around the ship.
--Garrovick decides to activate the prototype in the transporter room to stop the Tholians, even if it means destroying the Exeter.
--Cutty tries to stop him. Big fist fight.
--Harris tells them they're being illogical and there's another answer. She has a plan.
--The crew sends hot photos of Richards to the Tholians, who decide that if Earth Girls™ are this easy, then why leave our universe at all?
--They voluntarily shut off the device and ask for a Richards Swimsuit Calendar.
--The Tressaurians are suitably unimpressed and call Garrovick a sissy.
--Garrovick tells them to go F*** themselves, and the Exeter sets course for Sherman's Planet.
--Cutty finally gets a cup of coffee.


BTW, the giveaway that this isn't what happens is the last line. Anyone who knows the Exeter production knows that Cutty never gets a cup of coffee.
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