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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Very Pretty Maurice. I presume that Dennis exclusively is the one to credit for that shot?
The ship is Dennis's work. Tholian "weirdspace" is [EDIT] Dennis and Jimm Johnson's work.[/EDIT]

Robert Simmons wrote: View Post
EDIT: Folks...we must be nearing the imminent release of Act IV. Or otherwise Maurice would not be comfortable with releasing these teaser pics so distant time from the public release of Act IV.
<JO HARRIS>Respectfully, sir, you're speculating.</JO HARRIS>

To be blunt: no, it's not imminent. But the pieces are coming together for a new (and hopefully final) edit. What I'm doing is showing people who worry that it's not going to happen that is is, in fact, happening.
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