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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Well I've decided not to rant till at least the window closes (at which point they'll obviously spin the "It's ok the emergency loan window opens soon!" line)

I guess if come next week we've signed Waghorn and Ayala(sp) on loan and bought that guy from Kilmarnock then it won't have been a terrible window. One out four in...

Somehow I doubt it'll be that good!
See another constant link, Charlie Austin's signed for Burnley. I'm beginning to see what our transfer approach is; make intimations and insinuations about players, wait until someone else signs them and then bemoan how unlucky we were to be pipped to the punch.

Besides Commons we've also let three of the youngsters go, including Mitch Hanson who can't have been that far off the squad at this point. Disappointing.

Ayala and Waghorn would be decent loan signings, but even if we did get them, which is by no means certain, then we're still replacing the influential players that we've lost with loanees. We're back to square one in the summer when the loanees go back. No doubt then we'l get more Glick-n-spiel in order to flog more season tickets.
Yeah it'll be interesting to see what happens in the summer, Savage will def need replacing, as will Porter and Davis likely (although I reckon Porter might get a new contract)

I notice Sammon scored again yesterday...wonder if his price has gone up now!

I do worry if we don't sign a striker, even on loan, before close of play tomorrow.

With regards to the youngsters you'd have to imagine they can't be up to this level of the game, I mean for a penny pinching club it would surely make more sense to hang onto them if there was a chance we could play them instead of someone we have to pay money for!
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