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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Donald Draper wrote: View Post
Reeve created the expectation that Superman should be "Very Tall". While before that he was usually portrayed as average height or slightly more than that. As first drawn by Joe Shuster he seems short by todays standards.

I am 6'1" and I am treated as a giant by a significant portion of the population! LOL!
The expectation that Superman is really tall started when Wayne Boring started drawing the character in the late 40s. Boring made Superman (and Kent) taller than Shuster's squatter, beefy-brawned Superman. And, of course, the great Curt Swan also drew Supes at 6-foot-plus.

Superman: Earth One has gone back to the averaged-height Superman, eschewing the taller, overly buff (or overly flexed depending on the artist) version that normally appears in the regular books.

Cavill looks the part, but I can't really remember him from The Tudors. Then again, I've only seen part of the first season.

I happened to like Routh. I thought he captured Clark Kent in away that wasn't too over the top in his awkwardness. He really captured the "mild-mannered" aspect of the character more than Reeve.

One of the problems with "Returns" is that it didn't give Routh a lot of opportunity to really act as Superman.
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