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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

1. The Avengers. huge cosmic stories with JRJR art, I love it.
2. Avengers Children's Crusade. I really love Jim Cheung's art! And it's a story we've been waiting years to see.
3. New Avengers. good art, good stories.
4. Thunderbolts. I really love the artist on this book and the villain interactions are cool.
5. Secret Warriors. I really loved the early arcs on this book along with the Caselli art but the second half of the run has been very disappointing. I particularly didn't care for the long arc where the super powered kids disappeared and it became about the Howling Commandos.
6. Secret Avengers. meh.
7. Avengers Prime. That was disappointing. So much for seeing any kind of true in depth reconciliation between Iron Man and Cap.
8. Avengers Academy. super meh.
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