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Re: The Stephen King Megathread

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Oh, I felt pretty "slam right-wing" to me. Or, at least, Bush and Cheney-era right wing. If you're a huge fan, let's say, of Bush and Cheney politics, you may find the main bad guy in the book too cartoonish. If, however, you think Cheney WAS a cartoon, then you'll enjoy the villain immensely.
Well, I was not a big fan of Bush Jr's second term for sure and I was never a big fan of Cheney. Course, I'm really not a big fan of most of Obama's administration either. In any case, perhaps I'm forgetting some aspect to the book, but what exactly was anti-right wing?
Maybe you have to be a liberal to notice it.

But the main bad guy, Big Jim Rennie, is basically a liberal's view of a typical Republican leader. He hates the current president because he thinks he's Muslim, he hates government interference in people's lives but seems to have no problem being a lying, stealing, businessman. He eats too much and would resent some government person telling him what he's allowed to eat. He convinces people of his good intentions not by logic but by emotion, by using popular canned slogans about family values and America and power of the people, just to distract them from how evil he is. He uses fear tactics to create mobs.

All of that sort of thing. His entire character is a liberal's nightmare of a Republican. That's why I say the whole book is a political commentary.
And Stephen King is a liberal, as are the vast majority of fiction writers, so it's not surprising that the bad guy politician in any of his books would come across as a liberal's worst nightmare. But the book is more about the failings of humanity in general than political commentary. Is there anything really political about the actions of Above Politician's son, for example, or did he just give in to his raving lunatic tendencies?

I voted for Bush twice and thought Cheney was (and is) brilliant, and I'd follow Sarah Palin into hell, and in spite of all that I didn't find anything political to hate about "Under The Dome."

That doesn't make the ending any less silly, however...
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