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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

I really tried to stay away from Enterprise, as I didn't believe it could hold up well to the legacy, nor give proper respect for the original series. As I had feared, the violations to the ground work laid out in Captain Kirk's day were plenty. The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 were very abiding so it was quite a disappointment for me hearing what Enterprise had done. Encountering the Borg and surviving with a vastly inferior ship to the NCC-1701D?

As you can probably tell I'm an original series fussbudget. However I am setting aside my prejudice and giving Enterprise a try. I have not enjoyed the first season very much but it does appear to improve as time goes on. There are some very likable characters and certainly the special FX are well done. It is too bad it ends so badly but I will try to ride it through. From what I have read the third season is generally taken as the best. I look forward to it.
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