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Re: The Stephen King Megathread

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But the main bad guy, Big Jim Rennie, is basically a liberal's view of a typical Republican leader.
Hmmm.....I guess I never associated him with any party personally. I saw him as the proverbial big fish in the little pond type guy who wouldn't want big Govt. interfering with him in any way shape or form.

He hates the current president because he thinks he's Muslim, he hates government interference in people's lives but seems to have no problem being a lying, stealing, businessman.
Yes, the comments against Obama were definitely present, but I think it was more about Jim being a small town redneck who a bit racist and I certainly didn't think that had a thing to do with which political party he aligned with. I think he'd be happy with no govt. and just let him run his own show his own way.

He eats too much and would resent some government person telling him what he's allowed to eat.
So only republicans eat too much and liberals enjoy the govt. telling them what they're allowed to eat?? I think you're painting with a pretty great big stereotypical brush here my friend.

He convinces people of his good intentions not by logic but by emotion, by using popular canned slogans about family values and America and power of the people, just to distract them from how evil he is.
I'm confused......are we talking about Rennie or Obama here.... (I'll hand this to Obama, he's an incredibly good speaker and very popular with my generation and below because he does make such a good celebrity.........there's absolutely no denying his appeal.)

Bottom line, I saw Rennie as neither party and quite frankly I think he'd take exception to any govt. telling him what he can or can't do whether that be Right-wing, liberal, Tea Party or somewhere in between. He's just your average small town big fish from my perspective, but I'm not into politics and it's rare (outside of Avatar) that I notice political slants to things myself)
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