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Myrkul Sharr
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The Ragnarök Needs You!

Granted, it is a bit of a cliché but it is also true!

We are looking for players of all skills and all backgrounds to come and join our fantastic team to help us explore the vast imaginations we all share, from the lowliest civilian to the highest ranking officer each one of the crew is vital in how the mission turns out.

The people we are looking for must be friendly, open and honest as well as creative. Your skill and background is not of importance and you must be willing to work as part of a team to reach the best results we possibly can!

The Ragnarok herself is a Normandy Class attached to the Obsidian Fleet and under Task Force 47.

The positions we are looking for are;


Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Chief Counsellor

Chief Diplomatic Officer


Marine Executive Officer

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Assistant Chief Science Officer

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Head Nurse

Stellar Cartographer


Bar Manager

Bar Associate

Head Chef




Federation News Service (FNS) Reporter

So if you fit the bill, then head on over to our website
and fill out an Application Form

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