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Re: Conan falls, Leno still #1

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Interesting that you chose a chart from 4 weeks ago, that just happens to be from the week right before Conan's ratings bottomed out at 0.4 when he went into repeats.

Here's a more up to date chart, and if you look at the original post, you can see that Conan stays at 0.6 the week following this.

Eh, nothing "interesting" about it. It's called "hey, a fuckin' chart, I think I'll use it as an example." You may ascribe whatever motives you like, but believe me when I say, I don't give the heartiest of fucks where people think Leno should be or Conan should be, I like watching Conan because he's fun to watch. Anything else is irrelevant. Seriously, "Oh teh noes, Conan isn't #1! My life is over!". I don't give a good goddamn if he's dead last, he's fun. The lower the ratings, the more he can get away with, so bring it.
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