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Re: Trip & T'Pol Appreciation Society, 2010 Edition

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You know you should really get these things printed up and sell them on e-bay. With all the TnT fans out there, you'd make a mint! Shame these pictures are copyrighted.

Nice job!
Hmm, maybe I could do it the fanzine way... only ask for enough to cover costs, and put disclaimers everywhere.

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Fantastic calendar, I love the image for October. There was a fanfic I came across a long while back where, because of some alien custom, Trip and T'Pol had to get married or Trip would be put in prison for life. I imagine that October pic is the look they had when they were told about that custom.
I have long liked that picture, but never thought of it as a deer-in-headlights moment.

Glad you like the calendar. I live to serve
I found the fanfic I was thinking of, I thought it was pretty funny.
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