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I'd also add Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galalxy, and Power Rangers Ninja Storm to that list of reccommendations.
Agreed on the first two; PRiS had one of the weakest overall Ranger teams in terms of acting ability, but a good storyline and an utterly epic climax. And LG suffered from some story incoherence in the back half, but it was a clever idea and had some nice subplots. I also kinda liked Lightspeed Rescue.

But I hated Ninja Storm. It was too goofy and its characters, both good and evil, were too annoying. I wasn't crazy about SPD either; the concept was pretty imaginative, but I didn't like the cast and the writing didn't do much for me.

I did enjoy Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, and Jungle Fury -- solid middle-of-the-road seasons with likeable casts. And Dino Thunder had probably my favorite Power Rangers theme song.
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