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Re: The Time Lord Compendium

Time Lord Compendium: The Tardis

So this is the type 40 Tardis, it is much more in style the Time Lord architecture seen by the Panopticon, and in some respects resembles the idea..a large structure, almost dome like in shape.

what is different about this design from the other version?

well, in my point of view the Tardis is massive, like a massive space station, but the Time lords consistently call it a time capsule.. a series of large spheres just doesn't seem like the kinda thing that they would use as a ship.. the Tardis is a ship according to many resources, so for me it is a ship in another artificial dimension, which can access the N-space (normal space via a doorway within the ship).

There are some things about this design which I have to mention..

1. the Tardis has warp engines.. yep, it sure does.. check out the Tardis handbook..

2. the Tardis has a skin made of Validium, a Time Lord living metal developed by Rassilon.. hence the Tardis grows..

3. the interior dimensions are created by block math computation, in where energy is transformed into matter and so the interior of this massive structure is converted to whatever the timelords desire..

4. the rods coming off the structure generate the alternate dimension in which the ship resides..

5. the reverse gravitational generators push the ship through the vortex, which is open to those engines.

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