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Re: Conan falls, Leno still #1

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Yeah. Conan had Jay's primetime show as a lead-in. Jay has hit NBC series.
Uhh... exactly what hit series does NBC have at 10pm right now?

This idea that Conan failed because he had Jay as a lead-in is a total fallacy. CBS has the strongest primetime lineup of all the networks and regularly wins the 10pm hour. And yet, despite this fantastic lead-in, Letterman still loses to Jay.

Then, when Jay's new show wasn't working and Conan's new show wasn't (in the minds of NBC at least working), NBC had a choice. They could have bought out Jay or they could have bought out Conan. They chose Jay. That was slap two.
It was going to cost NBC way more to buy out Jay than to buy out Conan. And they had to be afraid of Jay going to ABC and putting a massive dent in their ratings. NBC made the best financial decision they could possibly make, given the F'd up circumstances they found themselves in a year ago.
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