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Dusty Ayres
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Chromatic Casting: Remixing The Dark Knight Rises

In the same vein as other racial casting ideas (Thor, Little Orphan Annie) :

At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to revisit Friday’s post about Bane, Chromatic Comics-style. Keep in mind that there’s several different permutations of the casting choices I came up with.

Let me say up-front that this, ultimately, is an exercise in casting for fun. It is not intended to suggest that casts comprised entirely of people of color are “THE ANSWER.” To suggest that one must choose between calling for more POCs to be cast in race-neutral roles, or calling for the creation and development of more standout characters of color – be they heroic, villainous or otherwise – is to enable a false dichotomy. There’s good reasons why Luke Cage is best played by a Black actor and why Bruce Wayne could be played by, say, an Asian-American actor. (He’s not in this particular version, but I’m not saying an Asian-American actor or actress couldn’t pull it off, and if you’ve got any choices of your own, please feel free to chime in in the comments.)
Chromatic Casting: Remixing The Dark Knight Rises

Again, I think that the idea is completely foolish and does nothing but provoke a negative reaction from whites, but heck, I'm not the one writing this article, I'm just the one posting it.
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