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Re: Music needing You Tube Videos

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Melissa's Secret agent"... LOVE the line "she's got her phasers on stun"...
That is a pretty daggone cool song. Never heard it before. I didn't instantly get any brilliant ideas for a vid, but I'll put it on the ol' iPod and think about it for a while.

Unless somebody else did get a brilliant idea. I'll gladly just chill and watch their production.

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The group is lame but I might do a video for this song...
The video you see is a J/C vid...I would like to do a strictly Seven Of Nine vid.
You should! I want to see it!!!

Undercover trek ladies from the different shows?

Go for it, JF... is there another group you like that does the song better?

Party Hardy, Fellow Trekkies, the weekend is nigh!
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