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See, that's why I don't understand why he would agree to go on a reality show such as this. In nearly every episode, they blatantly advertise the name and location of his store (as well as the couple's store). With as many nutjobs as there are out there, it wouldn't take much for one lone crazy to see him, think "He needs to take a dirt nap" and show up at the guy's store. Sure, they may not use last names in the show, but they do on their website and in promotional materials.

If we can have insane astronauts who will wear diapers and travel across the country to confront their lover's rival with a gun, we're at the stage where people need to protect themselves. Instead, Dave is basically saying "I'm an ass. Bring it on." I just hope no one answers his challenge.
I think he's such an arrogant asshole that he think's he's untouchable. I don't want to see anyone make him take a dirt nap obviously, but I can't say I'd feel all that bad if I saw a news headline someday that somebody gave him a good ass kicking. Of course he's such an arrogant asshole that one ass beating probably wouldn't faze him. And they do show his full name on the show.

I like this concept of this show, but I'm not sure how much longer I can continue to watch because I literally can't stand that guy that much. This is not one of these "guys you love to hate" things that make you tune in each week. His presence on the show makes it damn near unwatchable iMHO.
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