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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

YEAR OF HELL, PART II - 4x09 - 5/5

The pace of this episode slows down considerably from Part I, due to the story now dedicating a great deal of screen time to Chakotay and Paris on the timeship. But this is by no means a bad move. It allows Annorax to be developed, even if it causes Chakotay to come off a bit gullible in the process.

Seeing Voyager in complete ruin is awesome and the resolution of Janeway slamming Voyager into the timeship definitely goes down as one of the best scenes in all of Trek.

Despite being a reset button episode, it felt appropriate for an episode like this to end in such a way and the ending events are absolutely spectacular. Not to mention the final scene showing Annorax and his wife in his home, showing him working on time calculations leaves the story open a little bit - who knows what changes he might ultimately make to the time line again?
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