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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

Well, my Peri and Sil set arrived yesterday.

A couple quick pics, with the insert background from the packaging:

While Peri is very well done, Sil is basically a giant piece of poo. Peri stands surprisingly well considering the high heels and the likeness is quite good (but CO is usually spot on with that regard). Sil is... disappointing. While he's not attached to the stand, there's no articulation. The head doesn't turn, the arms don't move, nothing, zip, zilch, nadda.

Rather a shame. I'd have preferred $15-20 for a single carded Peri. It's not that I dislike Sil (and I have tremendous respect for Nabil Shaban) but the figure is disappointing. And what makes it even more poo is... when you lift the figure off of the stand a) the centre is caved in like he's a heavy turd and b) whether it was the paint or who knows what, there is, quite literally, a brown stain where the figure sits.
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