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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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FalTorPan, so that's your site! I am a big fan.

blssdwlf, tweaks or not I can't see how you're that far out! I mean, how else could those big wide columns have fitted through that overhead pipe structure?Clearly they were moved towards the mesh screen a bit, along with the other set changes:

(click for full size)
Nah, I think the set plan you posted was left pretty much the same. If you notice the guy in the background in the pic you posted above, he's standing below one side of a wide arch that spans the centerline of the set (you can see the edge of the other side just to the right of Tomlinson in the foreground) and which rests upon the two columns. There are then two braces that span over from this arch to the mesh wall, under which runs the yellow pipe.

So it looks like it all works out? YMMV of course.

P.S. Upon closer inpection it does look like the columns were moved slightly off centerline, but not quite as far as in blssdwlf's wip? The picture at the bottom of this link might be helpful?

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