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Re: The Time Lord Compendium

I decided to change the Time lord compendium..
This is the cover of the Time Lord Compendium, my attempt to chronicle all things Gallifrey..

I hope you guys like it..

the Time lord chest Armour was a bit difficult, but in the end I am satisfied with it..

By starsuperion at 2011-01-27

Okay so, I am uploading this out of order.. but I don't care, this is going to be uploaded in the order that I want to based on what I feel like working on, so I am sorry this is going to be jumbled..

if this looks familiar to most of you it is because I wanted to do a Doctor who version of the Classic Starfleet technical manual, so expect many more things like that to come..

I also have a better Tardis design schematic coming soon, and some other cool things too.. so please stay tuned, but for now, this is the Timelord technician and general engineering outfit..these are the hands on specialists who work on a TARDIS as it's crew chronicles a solar system's history from inception to the present..

A TARDIS and it's crew land on a planet, they scan that planet, from the beginning of it's life and record events all the way up to the present day time of the Timelord crew..

this planet's life is then digitally recreated in the holographic memory rooms of the TARDIS, whereby the Timelord science division researches and historians chronicle those events..

each planet is studied and time mapped, and then off they go to another one, or another solar system.. as part of becoming a time lord, you are required by the time lord academy to serve aboard a Time Travel capsule for 20 years..after which you are then able to graduate and become a member of the time lord chapters, and progress to your desired career choice.

Privileged cadets serve within the Panopticon on Gallifrey The Majority serve aboard TARDISes.

colours regarding ranks..similar to their system regarding Academies..

Crimson (red): Pilots, Navigation, and Command
Burgandy (brown): Council Representative and advisory
Navy (Blue): Science/Research
Black: Engineering, Technicians
Forrest (Green): Health, safety, and Medical

By starsuperion at 2011-01-27

Here is page 7, representing the science division of the Time Lord Cadets, who are part of a Tardis standard crew compliment.

The Idea for the colour changes to the tunic were from various images on the web depicting this Time Lord outfit..

my main idea was that in the three doctors the head time lord of their CIA was wearing a blue sash, and so it occured to me, that his position dealt with the energy and temporal physics of transporting the doctor to his former selves to help with the threat of Omega..

there have been coloured images of the Time lords who presided over the trial of the 2ND doctor during the final events of the old black and white episode called the War Games..

so for me, like I said, this is MY compendium, whether it fits time lord continuity or not, doesn't really matter to me..this is for fun..A Tardis arrives in an uncharted section of time space, it finds a space sector, anomaly, or solar system. It travels back in time, and lands.. takes on a chameleon form, and scans the planets, or objects and records, as they move from the beginning of the planets or objects life to the present.. (Time lords are forbidden to go into their own future)..after a section of space is scanned, and researched and recorded, they then disembark to the next sector and chronicle that part of space time... and so on..their 20 year mission is to amass as much temporal knowledge about the universe that they can, and analyze the formation of technology and life throughout the universe.. the ultimate in exploration..

The doctor breaks the future travel law all the time..

By starsuperion at 2011-01-27

Here we see the pilots uniform for the Tardis..The main crew of the console room in a Time Travel capsule.. if you were to join a tardis crew you would find 6 pilots in the control room.. 1 commander who strolls the ship and is privy to all experiments and mission requirements..

most divisions report to the pilot, with the exception of the council adviser who is responsible for making sure the laws and rules of the Time Lords are maintained..

should one commander become unable to lead, the next in line by seniority will take their place.

there is also a ship's castellan and a small contingent of chancellery Guard who maintain ship security and assist in species capture and study..

By starsuperion at 2011-01-27

more to come..
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