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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Wouldn't surprise me if Keys and Gray turn up on ESPN.

Commons to Celtic - Bah. I'd have respected him if he'd said at any point that he was looking to leave, but instead he's strung everyone along and d1cked the club about, even when we offered him exactly what he'd wanted. Shouldn't be surprised though I guess, it's exactly what he did to Stoke and it's exactly what he did to Forest. He's just a mercenary.

Glick's said that Clough will get the money to reinvest immediately. Whoopy doo, 300k Tom, thanks for that. Hardly enough to get a player from the lower leagues in, let alone a replacement for our most influential player.

So, likely another transfer window where we do fcuk all but get rid of our best players and replace them with loanees, bargain basement signings, or don't even bother.

The sooner this shower are far away from the club the better.
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