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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

Farewell, David R. George III. May you find solace and inspiration wherever you may go.

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Gell is back! And she's Praetor! Go figure. This certainly helps fulfill the idea that the Typhon Pact isn't necessarily full of mustache-twirlers out to destroy the Federation.
Except the contrast between Tal'Aura and Gell--along with Nero's line in the movie "...while your Federation did nothing!"--implies a possible break-away from the Pact--as I'd reasoned before, in the "politics" spoiler tags.

I was disappointed to see the Imperial Romulan State dissolved, though -- I really liked the whole "East Germany/West Germany" vibe the IRS/RSE gave off. I recall, I was the one who previously came up with the East/West Germany analogy--and I believe Chris disputed it on the grounds that East Germany was NOT a power-player in the Warshaw Pact--merely an occupied territory--and that my comparison to the Cold War could only go so far.... *sigh*
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