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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

With all due respect, Therin, I never said they owed me anything. And I never would make such an illogical(pardon the pun)statement. Anybody who is of that extreme viewpoint has a serious ego problem the size of, if you'll pardon the description, an Orpheus asteroid.

The arguments that I'm pointing out is that whenever fans have made general inquiries during the delay they have often been met with either silence or rude answers.

I can't really say what the fans inquiries have been(that is of their own affair), but if they have made courteous inquiries, then it is only common courtesy from the other end to respond with answers that are of the same and equal courtesy.

Responding with silence, 'when it gets done, it gets done', rudeness, and locking down threads after posting their views, is what led to this controversial issue in the first place. It is what started the problem and what led other fans to form their own opinions and speculations(be they conclusive or inconclusive). And because of this, it is what led to the escalation of this fan-film's conclusion for the past two years.

As to the recent snippets of ACT IV, I have already stated my view. Granted it could be looked at from a different view(satisfying the fans). But, it could also be looked at as what I had stated before.

People may not concur with other peoples views, but people can respect the other sides views.
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