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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

To some people it's "torment" to see a teaser image, to others they're ready to give up if they don't see any progress. You can't please both camps, frankly.

Me, I'll err on the side of assuring people there is progress being made. In fact, that last tease I posted is a shot that didn't exist until recently, and that shot already looks different from when I posted it.

Expo67 wrote: View Post
No, I'm just making an inquiry.
Pardon me, but an inquiry is the act of asking for information. When was it you did that? I don't see a single interrogative in your recent posts.

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I want to see the final act as much as anyone (maybe more as my small efforts show up in that act). But I'm willing to wait patiently.

But while we are waiting, I photoshopped together a couple shots of the shuttlecraft interior under construction for Jimm and Josh a few years back (just for fun).

No shots of it finished though... but it looked great!
It looks good in the show, too.
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