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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Well, Kentucky... in the part of the world where my family comes from (the mountains of Tennessee), if a person "exercises his freedom" as rudely as you've done, it's liable to start a feud. Which I think you've done.

Bottom line is, if they decide to never release another minute of their film, we don't have the slightest room for complaint. What they are doing is a gift, plain and simple. You just don't have any room to complain when a gift isn't what you expected or when it doesn't come when you're expecting it to come. Mainly because your complaints won't accomplish a thing other than stirring up bad blood. Wouldn't it be great if, having read your demanding posts, the folks making Exeter decide it just isn't worth it to finish the thing? That fans are unappreciative, so why bend over backwards for them? Your complaints will have served quite a purpose then, huh?

Poking and prodding a hornet's nest, indeed.
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