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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

20. Notorious (B-)
21. In a Lonely Place (A)

In a Lonely Place: Bogart is better known for the more upbeat Casablanca, but he shines here, as a bitter Hollywood screenwriter with an inclination for violent outbursts. After he invites a young girl over to his apartment to summarize a book he's too burnt out to read, she winds up dead, and the police (which include an old war buddy who he hasn't seen in years) make him the prime suspect. Bogie didn't do it, of course, but the ultimate revelation of the film implies he could very well have murdered someone--he almost kills his fiancée in a jealous rage. Broken by the revelation that she was so afraid of him that she tried to secretly leave, Bogie slinks back to his apartment, the news that his screenplay is a hit and he has finally been acquitted of the murder doing little to brighten his disposition. A great performance in a great movie. I'm glad I caught it in 35mm, too--it was a pristine print and the movie, a black & white picture in the film noir style, had a wonderful sense of the visual.
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