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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

We've mentioned the connection to Ra's several times now in the thread. It was during the Legacy storyline. Bane works with Ra's to launch a plague attack against Gotham City (again this is where Talia could emerge) this of course gets the attention of Batman where the two of them confront each other and have their rematch. The rematch occurs in Detective Comics #701 and Bruce defeats him, Bane no longer addicted to Venom. Ra's al Ghul rejects Bane as his heir and Talia is pleased that her true beloved has redeemed himself and defeated his greatest challenge...she declares to Bane that she never loved him and never would. It is one of the first times that her devotion to Bruce is cemented. Bruce and Batman even come to an understanding with each other at one point when Bane thinks that Thomas Wayne is his father, when that is disproved...Bane leaves Gotham in peace with Batman's blessing. Bane discovers later on after No Man's Land that his real father is none other than crime lord King Snake. I'm not sure if this has been retconned or not. He's currently a member of the Secret Six.
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