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Re: LCARS Website Template

Here is a brief update on my progress with the new LCARS Website System.

So far I have came up with an array of options here is the list.

screen <- This option can take 4 different variables (full, panel, split, mobile) [default = 'full']
title <- This option is for the Title of your page (only used for panel pages) [default = '']
subTitle <- This option is for the Sub Title of your page (only used for panel pages) [default = '']
colors <- Within the colors options you choose the following
--| color1 <- first color of page [default = 'pink']
--| color2 <- second color of page [default = 'orange']
content <- This option takes two sub options (like colors option does)
--| padding <- The padding around you content area (can use short hand padding EX: 0 10px 0 5px) [default = 0]
--| ele <- The element that will inherit the content area roll [default = '#content' ]
sidePanel <- The element that will inherit the side panel roll [default = '#side-panel']
upperContent <- The element that will inherit the upper content area roll (only for use with split pages) [default = '#upper-content']
debug <- This is to turn on or off the debugging tool [default = false]

Along with these options for the page i have added custom color options so you don't need to remember color hexs.
These means in the color options you can just put "purple" or "red" or "blue" standard colors will work too like "white" or "green" or "lime".

orange = #ff9900
purple = #cc99cc
blue = #9999ff
lightBlue = #9999cc
red = #cc0000
lightRed = #cc6666
tan = #ff9966
lightTan = "#ffcc99
pink = #cc6699

All of the color hexs have been taken from Mike Hodgson [] and Matt Ridley []
I give thanks to them.

I have finished the Full, Panel and, Split page conversions.
Also finished all the cross browser checking (works).

All I have left to do is the Mobile page.
Plus I have to change some things with the button system and rewrite the guide.

Once this is all finished i'll be replacing the current site (see sig) but still provide a download to the old system.

I have removed all of the hidden text files and annoying full screen errors. (sorry)
Now if there is an error simply turn on debugging and it will give you feedback.

As always this system is free of charge.

Your replies are very welcomed.

Current System Version is 2.0
LCARS Website Framework
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