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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

^ Let me rephrase, Joe. Mostly good, but always educational. I do appreciate the little behind-the-scenes tidbits that the published authors share with us. Makes for a more complete picture (for me, anyway) and that enhances my enjoyment of the books. God knows I've asked them enough flarging questions and I'm seldom dissapointed by the answers.

I didn't take the time to wade through all seventeen pages of posts, but I did see enough stuff to make me feel like DRG wasn't given a very fair shake by the Niners here. I don't think he was being all smarmy and condescending about their opinions; everyone's entitled to sounds like he'd just had enough and they just kept gnashing their dentures over what they viewed as abject failures in bringing DS9 current, and blamed him and not the editorial process that he had no control or influence over. What I had intended for ten minutes of light reading to help ease me into restful sleep turned into a half-hour, until I finally had to put the book down and get some sleep. And that's plenty good enough storytelling for me.

Might have a different view of it if I invested more time and read all seventeen pages of posts on the subject, but that's how I look at the face of it, and I don't wanna spend that much time on listening to everyone blather ad nauseum about how bad it was. I'd rather be reading the book and deciding for myself.
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