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Re: There's a new map of the BSG star system...

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Seeing this planets makes me think again how is it possible that those people came from Kobol and don't remember it although they have distant past seen on artifacts in Adama's office? They spoke of Kobol as "myth" and "old wives tale". Maybe angels deleted their memory? I mean they did make allusion of it in "Malestrom" after Starbuck (an angel) died Adama destroyed that old sailing ship.
Kobol itself wasn't a myth--it turned out to be very real. But the exodus from Kobol was a few thousand years ago. Think about where we were 3000 years ago. Most of history from around that time is pretty mythical to us. Not that we have no evidence of it, but that it's so distant and we have relatively little information so it's not "real" to us.

Kobol could hold much the same status for the Colonials: a real place where they used to live and things happened, but the stories have been distorted and attained mythical proportions over time.
But still they are if not mythical very modest and Adama in his office has stuff that resembles Roman helmets, samurai warriors, old sail ships... And since they did not start from scratch on colonies like they did on Earth 2 those kind of things did originate on Kobol or descriptions of those things, but everything that happened on Kobol was litteraly in form of gospels and sacred texts and were not taken (too) serious anyway and probably didn't contain texts on building sail ships and whole history of Kobol to ancient wars like Rome is to us.
But maybe the colonies themselves already had civilizations with witch Colonists fused together.
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