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Team photos. What's interesting is that the some of the suits have added skirts because the Gokaiger girls will use those forms
Don't forget the suits that lost skirts because they're now male. BlueDolphin, BlueSwallow, HurricaneBlue and MagiBlue.

I hope we see more gender swapped suits down the line (male pink ranger ftw ), the team photos don't include all possible forms, because we've already seen female versions of MagiRed and GekiRed.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I don't know how Saban is going to adapt Gokaiger for Power Rangers, given that there are something like 15 Super Sentai teams with no Rangerverse counterparts. But then, given that PR is now two years behind SS, maybe they could just skip over Gokaiger and move on to the next one?
There's NO WAY Saban will skip Gokaiger (if the show isn't cancelled again), that guy wants Power Rangers to be a hit again and you think he will pass on the chance to include MMPR and other old teams in new episodes?
The "no PR counterpart" teams are not a problem at all, it's actually a good thing, just give the mentor a line about "past, future and alternate dimension teams" and you're free to throw every "new" suit at the audience without further explanation. It would make the season even bigger in scope than just using previous seasons powers.

If they decide to skip a sentai at all, it would probably be Goseiger, because if the rumors are true and Samurai airs for two seasons, a new sentai won't be adapted until halfway through 2012 with an airdate in 2013. By that point both Goseiger and Gokaiger are finished and I just can't see Saban picking Goseiger for PR's 20th anniversary, if he can get "Everyone's back!" anniversary footage.
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