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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

flemm wrote: View Post

People disagree about stuff.
Really? I hadn't thought of that.

Everybody, I realize now that I probably shouldn't have posted anything at all about deciding to stop posting here; it would no doubt have been better simply to do it. My reasons have absolutely nothing to do with people liking or disliking, loving or hating, my work. (In fact, the overall reaction to my latest novel has been overwhelmingly positive.) Yes, it is wearying when some readers claim some character wouldn't take a certain action, when we actually saw that character take such an action in the show itself. And it can be tiring to deal with readers (offering both positive and negative commentaries) who have short memories and/or poor reading comprehension. The thing is, I learned a long time ago not to take criticism personally (though words such as absurd and ridiculous can be momentarily insulting). I'm confident of my abilities, I consistently challenge myself, and I always seek to improve at my craft.

What this is about is what seems to me to be the increasing negativity and combativeness in the Trek Literature threads. I come here to enjoy myself, to interact not just with readers, but with fellow readers and fans. Lately, though, I'm not enjoying myself here. It's not just within this thread, and not just about reaction to my work. In fact, it's largely not related to this thread or to my work; I just happened to hit my breaking point here. I suppose that I could place certain posters on Ignore, but being a writer, I don't feel like I should visit a place where I can interact with readers and then choose to avoid some. (I must admit to having one person on Ignore for years now, so I don't have to read their posts, but that was after a long and repeated pattern of personal, though probably ignorant, indignities--against not just me, but numerous other posters as well.)

Anyway, if people want to contact me, they can surely find my e-mail address. I also have a Facebook page for my writing, where at least I can control the level of discourse. Perhaps after a few days off, I'll reconsider and return to TrekBBS; perhaps it'll take a few weeks or months. I don't know. But I do appreciate all the people here who have made me feel welcome and even appreciated, and I am grateful to all of those readers who felt compelled to argue the merits of my work, whether it was to their liking or not.

Peace and long life.
Regards, David

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